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spree. one police officer was wounded during the violence. alex savidge tells us one suspect is still on the loose. good morning, alex. >> san jose police need the public's help this morning to identify and capture that second man involved in this violent string of crimes. police say this pair of criminals shot and killed a driver. they were trying to carjack and you can take a look here and see a memorial is set up this morning with flowers and cards for the victim. identified as rory pediford. one arrest has been made. police believe he and accomplice committed four separate armories and opened fire on officers as they pursued. police have eventually returned fire wounding willbanks and in the end he was taken into custody. but police say willbank's accomplice got away during that shootout and a man hunt is on the way to find him. he is considered a serious threat to the public. san jose police offering a $10,000 reward for any information in this case. later on police will be holding a news conference to update the search in this investigation as they try to find again a second man
found the body of a man who fell to his death at the oakland quarry. alex savidge is live at the scene where the investigation is under way. alex. >> reporter: it certainly appears the wet weather played a role in this accident. the oakland fire department believes this man in all likelihood slipped and fell off a steep cliff and ended up drowning in this water filled rock quarry that is right behind the rock ridge shopping center. investigators say the man was out looking for his lost cat last night behind his house when he lost his footing. a rescue team from the oakland fire department began to search just after 7:00 last night after the man's friend reported him missing. rescuers put a boat into the water and repelled down the side of the cliff. eventually the alameda county sheriffs dive team began an under water search here. just before 1:00 in the morning divers found the man's body at the bottom of this old quarry. one of those divers involved in last nights recovery talked to us about the technique the team used. >> we have something called a circle search. we put an anchor at
. >>> in overnight news several businesses are damaged after a strip mall went up in flames. ktvu alex savidge is live at the scene in pleasant hill where more on what firefighters discovered and why they're calling it suspicious. good morning, alex. >> reporter: an arson investigation has been launched because firefighters found what appeared to be a molotov cocktail here at the scene. another aspect of this fire that was suspicious the front window of the business had been smashed when firefighters first got here and there was a small fire inside the place that burned on the inside wall. we'll show you video from last night. the fire broke out around 11:30. an alarm was sounding here and crews showed up. the strip mall. this was a very localized fire. fairly small. crews were able to knock it down quickly but they were suspicious about how it started given what appeared to be a home made device that was found he at the scene just outside of the business that caught fire. a fire investigator was called in. we talked with him a short time ago. he said this fire may have been intentionally set.
details and reaction. alex savidge join us live from alameda with more. >> reporter: well, neither side -- i should say both sides are claiming victory this afternoon. the particulars are not being made public until the officials have announced them. [ cheers ] >> reporter: these grocery workers celebrated after getting word the strike is over. negotiations went throughout the night and finally rayly's reached an agreement with the union representing 7500 employees. just like that, the picket signs were packed up in -- packed up in the back of this car. antonio said it's been a difficult time. >> we got what we wanted. >> reporter: the union spokesman said the settlement keeps current health benefits in place for everyone including retired employees. >> the company's attempt to get out of the trust funds has been beaten 679 they will still participate in -- beaten back. they will still participate in that. >> reporter: rayly's says this is very -- rayly's says this is very excite. [ cheers ] >> reporter: while workers haven't seen the details of the deal, they are calling this a big win
. the second kidnap he, white, 5'9", 150 pounds -- kidnapper, white, 5'9", 150 pounds. >>> alex savidge is live from san francisco to explain how a project will mean thousands of guaranteed construction jobs forry residents. >> reporter: -- for residents. >> reporter: well, the team promising a 25% of the work force will be san francisco residents. i want to show you the scene inside. as web, core and hunt signed off on this deal. the $1 billion arena going up at piers 30 and 32, the mayor said this morning, he sees this as a chance to put city residents to work during the announcement dozens of construction workers and apprentices were onhand hoping to be part of this huge project. >> many of the people in this room are looking for that opportunity from all walks of life. they say -- they see had as a citywide project. it's everybody's future. >> reporter: i hope to be working high in the sky and, i know, just making this project go as best as it can go. >> reporter: the city hire said he expects this will mean that 4,000 san franciscans will be put to work. the team and builders are hiring ha
this afternoon in san francisco, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> bp has confirmed it has agreed to pay 4.5 billion dollars for the 2010 oil spill in the gulf of mexico that killed 11 workers. the settlement total of $4.5 billion will be paid over five years and includes nearly $1.3 billion in criminal fines, the largest such penalty ever, along with payments to several government agencies. >>> bp pleaded guilty to 11 felony counts of misconduct and a felony count of obstruction of justice, in addition federal grand juries have indicted two bp supervisors on 23 counts of criminal wrongdoing, including manslaughter. >>> a hearing in san francisco this morning focused on whether oil companies manipulated gasoline price hikes in may and october here in california. a state senate committee is looking into an organ researcher's claim shell's martinez refinery and chevron's richmond refinery were actually producing gasoline during a time when industry analysts blamed higher prices on refinery shut downs. he based his findings on data filed with environmental regulators. other an
this morning in oakland alex savidge. >>> time now 5:03. roads are still wet. it rained hard and steady all night causing a big mess out there on the roads. several spinouts and fender bender have been reported and a lot of drivers had no choice. they had to drive slower just to keep from losing control. at the airports a real nightmare on one of the busiest travel days of the year. ktvu christien kafton is live at sfo right now. there have been major flight delays so how is it now christien? >> reporter: you know what, we were inside earlier and it's looking pretty good right now. there is a lot of activity that is starting to pick up at sfo as you might imagine only the day before thanksgiving. you can see a lot of vehicles here and take a look you can see still a lot of wet roads as the cabs pull in and drop people off and folks drop folks off at the airport. it's still raining this morning. and not the thing holiday traveler want to see as they head out to the holiday weekend. ktvu camera was there early this morning as delayed passengers collected their luggage. at least 81 flights wer
long lines this morning. as alex savidge reports, trucks cued up for blocks hoping to deliver loads they could not drop off yesterday. >> reporter: the big rigs were barely moving this morning, waiting to enter the port of oakland. the huge backup comes one day after striking workers blocked entrances and shut down the port. >> i had to ing it in today because i couldn't get inside. the strike people -- they wouldn't let us in. we had to come back. so now it's double the work. >> reporter: drivers who could not drop off or pick up lined up early this morning. some waited more than three hours to get in. for these drivers time is money, so waiting a day to drop off a load at the port means lost pay. >> $200. it hurts. >> reporter: grace hemingway told me she parked outside of the gates overnight to be one. first drivers in this morning. she doesn't have much sympathy for port workers who are upset over stalled contract works. >> they are hurting themselves and the other people, the drivers, the economy. i mean, keep on working. do what you can do. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the
reporter alex savidge is live at the westfield mall in san francisco where the doors are set to open in 30 minutes. how are things looking? >> reporter: things are already busy. a lot of black friday shoppers got up early this morning or possibly stayed up. it's a little unclear. but you can see huge crowds out here. we are in front of westfield san francisco center. right on market street. and actually this line we are showing you here is to get inside the abercrombie and fitch store. folks have been waiting out here far long time. the deal is once the store opens everything inside is 50% off. obviously that will draw quite a crowd. folks have been camped out here overnight. we talked to some of them. they tell you it's worth the wait. how long have you been waiting? >> three hours. >> reporter: all right. not too bad right? >> uh-huh. because i have nothing to do. >> reporter: worth it to get up this early? >> definitely. >> reporter: you deal it more for the deals or thrill? >> a little bit of both. being around the environment. i feel up too even though it's late night. i definitely di
the rain will arrive. but let's start with alex savidge who is with workers working and preparing. >> reporter: good afternoon. they are replacing old shingles and this company is fielding a lot of calls from worried homeowners. with a series of strong storms closing in on the bay area, this crew from abel crew company is under the gun. they need to finish this job in tecate before the rain starts to fall. the owner tells me when a storm is wearing down, his get a lot a lot of people. >> i gotta go down and to do a repair after this. >> reporter: everyone is trying to to be ready -- trying to be ready. people are filling sandbags bracing for flooding that is a distinct possibility over the coming back. >> linda krueger lives in for the hills and know she's in for an uphill battle. >> it comes under the house. i just can't stop it. we put in a sump pump and -- yeah. >> reporter: back in tecate will expects the emergency calls to keep pouring in even after the rain arrives. that's when homeowners -- homeowners valize he have a -- realize they have a problem. >> they realize they hav
reporter alex savidge is among the crowds there at the westfield mall in san francisco where the doors open just a short time ago. and alex, everyone squeezing into the stores? >> yeah everyone is inside now. things have calmed down a bit from what we showed you earlier when things opened up here. let's take a peek inside here. check out the mall. a lot of folks. they are out early this morning looking for the black friday deals. in fact, there were quite a few people earlier on who camped overnight waiting to get inside certain stores. that was the scene as hundreds of people pushed their way into the abercrombie and fitch store when they opened their doors up at 5:00 this morning. workers could barely get those doors open. it was a huge crowd that formed outside. people started lining up around midnight trying to take advantage of a sale going on here. a worker told me everything inside the store 25% off although some of the shoppers who showed up here thought everything was going to be half off. so a bit of a discrepancy there. the store was as you can imagine a mad house this morning. s
leading to the arrest and conviction of that second suspect. alex savidge is in san jose this morning. he'll have a live report on this story coming up. >>> your time is 5:01. san jose catholic bishop personally apologized during a family mass after a convicted sex offender was given permission to volunteer at a children's festival last month. he said he was sorry for failure at the diocese level which gave mark wearrez to work at the fast have. a meeting for concerned parents are scheduled for november 27th. >>> a man was killed in a camp site saturday night and they have made an arrest. the possible homicide was at a camp site south of depot park. police say they have found a 51- year-old man at the camp about 11:00 that evening. he was pronounced dead. 26-year-old man was arrested in connection with the death. so far police have not released his name. >>> fighting continues today between israel and palestinian militants in the gaza strip. despite international pressure to stop the violence. at least 84 palestinians have been killed by israeli air strikes over the last five days and ha
30. alex sav edge joining us live -- alex savidge joining us live from hayward to tell us which students are being targeted. >> reporter: good morning. many cal state students i talked with are frustrated by a fee proposal, especially a week after prop 30 passed. governor jerry brown scheduled to attend the csu board of trustees meeting that will happen later on today. they will likely be protests -- there are likely be protests. the frustration, fees. if student have more than certain number of students, they could face fees for repeating courses. the plan is to free up space to admit more than 16,000 knew students. one student i talked to said these fees could hurt. >> i could say the fees are definitely unfair. it's hard to sometimes be able to pay these fees and it gives us choices like what are we gonna do if we don't have the money? well, , if have the money, then we just -- if we don't have the money, then we just quit. it puts us in a position and it's not fair to us. >> reporter: csu says they view this more as a dearant and hope few -- deterrent and hope the students c
channel 2 news. >>> a pleasant hill beauty salon went up in flames overnight. alex savidge is live at the strip mall on contra costa boulevard and you just got an update from officials what they are -- what are they saying? >> reporter: well, the fire appears to be suspicious. there is what appears to be a molotov cocktail. the chief said he collected quite a bit of useful evidence inside this beauty salon. also, this woman showed up at the scene. she appeared to be the owner of the business. firefighters found a beer bottle. the investigator says he is trying to see if a similar device was used to start the fire. he's searching for glass pieces from a bottle inside the business. the front window was already broken when firefighters got here around 11:30 last night. that's suspicious in and of itself. this is in a strip mall on contra costa boulevard in pleasant hill. the fire outside was fairly small and knocked out in short order by fire crews. all signs point to an intentional start. >> when we arrive, our first attempt is to try to determine where the fire may have started and
that burned is in a -- salon. the business that burned is in a strip mall. alex savidge tells us about the potentially explosive piece of evidence at the scene. >> reporter: firefighters quickly docked -- knocked down the fire in in -- inside the business. they believe it's intentionally set since they found a mol la tav cocktail -- a molotov cocktail outside of the residence. >> if somebody knows, they better be lucky that we don't find out. >> reporter: they spent the morning processing what could be a crime scene. he was specifically troying to find curved pieces of glass. >> if you are looking at an incident that is like an incendiary device, looking for kurshed glass that would different eight. >> another red flag for fire investigators was already broken out when the first crews got here. >> that will be checked for fingerprints as investigators try to figure out who did this. >> we need -- we need answers. there was intention here. >> the salon will have to stay closed for some time but she says her business is insured and she wants to --ant she plans to reopen. >>> the dramatic
traffic center and alex savidge is way up in the south bay. but first with the radar let's go to ktvu meteorologist steve paulson. >> all right, thank you. alex savidge is in the window of very heavy rain in fact. flood advisory has been issued for santa cruz county until 11:30 this morning. it looks like some things are picking up again. i think an inch of rain fell on the board walk. tar look at scott valley, bolder creek. that is a lot of rain. again some of that will be very intense over highway 17 and then over into san jose the rain has picked up. the wind died down a little bit. that is slam city right there. pleasanton also out toward livermore and fremont. and also now pushing out toward discovery bay. for more let's check in on highway 17. alex savidge is there. i think he's right in the middle of it there. >> reporter: it feels like we're in the middle of a band of this rain coming through here. it's been very steady ever since we aryed here at the summit. right along highway 17. i want to show you one of the big concerns. along with all the water on the roadways is this ki
. new at noon police just finished a news briefing, alex savidge joins us live with more on the investigation and the people who helped the victim. good afternoon, alex. >> reporter: good afternoon, at that briefing that wrapped up here a lieutenant said this woman is lucky she survived. witnesses found her beaten in a ditch along the side of the freeway. bound with duct tape. police used those witness accounts and also information from the victim herself to track down and arrest a 14-year- old boy in connection withis vicious attack. investigators say the 65-year- old woman was kidnapped at gun point late yesterday from this shopping center on the 100 block of plaza drive. vallejo police say the gunman forced her to drive her minivan several miles away to an area near hidden brook parkway. that is where investigators believe this 14-year-old attacker sexually assaulted the woman and beat her unconscious, the teen drove off in the woman's minivan. thankfully though witnesses found her and got her help, quite possibly saving her life. >> in the greatest sense they were imp
- involved shooting. alex savidge is thrive san jose where a memorial has been set up for a man caught in the middle of the violence. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. san jose police say while these two criminals were on the run, they tried to carjack a man here outside of the 7-11 store. and that driver ended up being shot and killed in the process. you can see outside of the store. a memorial has been set up for the victim identified as rory from san jose. police are trying to identify the man. one arrest has been blade. jonathan willwanks, 26 years old, is behind bars. police believe he and his friends committed these crimes and then opened up shots. police returned fire, wounding wilbanks. he was eventually taken into custody. police say -- police say his accomplice managed to escape. he's considered a danger to the public. a police spokesman said they don't have any updates so far on the search but they do have a news conference planned for 9:0. keep in mind -- 9:30. keep in mind there is a $10,000 reward on the table for any information in this case. back to you. >>
but expect that to change as this storm moves in. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with ktvu channel 2. we're monitoring conditions with updates on air, online and through our mobile app. >>> new this morning, fire crews work to put out a one- alarm fire in pacifica. it happened around 5:30 on the 1300 block. authorities are still investigating how it started. in one was injured. >>> 7:32. investigators in alameda say a fire at an east bay high school classroom is suspicious. crews rushed to alameda high school around 3:30. they found claims in one -- flames in one of the classrooms. a window in the classroom was open. that's one the reasons this fire was suspicious. one student we talked to said this has happened before. coincidently last year, there have a couple of three reported fires. somebody was lighting the trash cans on fire full of paper towels. there are reports of fires inside the same school but authorities are still investigating -- still investigating that. >>> several small fires are being investigated as is arson. on monday, a trash can was set on fire near t
for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the second suspect. ktvu alex savidge will have more on this investigation coming up at 6:30. >>> new details in a homicide investigation we told you about in the last hour. three people not one had been arrest for killing a man at a camp site saturday night. now officers say the victim was a 51-year-old homeless man. he died near depot park. the santa cruds centennial say the two men and woman were booked for murder, conspiracy and violating probation. >>> a bishop apologized after convicted sex offender was given permission to volunteer at a festival last month. he said he was sorry for a failure at the diocese level that gave mark written permission to work at the festival for kids. both the diocese and the sheriffs office are investigatingth incident. a meeting for concerned parents is setup for november 27th. >>> time now 6:03. happening now some shoppers ready for the holidays they are camping outside of a best buy store in pinole. ktvu lorraine blanco is there in pinole. been talking to some of the shoppers who apparently lorrain
reporter alex savidge who is at the westfield mall in san francisco. doors just opened right? >> yes the madness under way here. take a look. this is westfield shopping center right on market street in san francisco. they just opened those doors a few seconds ago. the crowd here erupted in a big cheer as the folks from the shopping center opened the doors and they are inside the mall right now. they are heading off to try to find the best deals they can possibly find on this black friday. a lot of stores in this area have been open since midnight but of course the mall here opening up at 5:00. i want to show you this line that is still going on. these are hundreds of people who have been camped out here overnight. they are all waiting to get inside the abercrombie and fitch store where apparently for the first hour or so the deals will be 50% off. we talked to some of these folks they have been waiting a long time. >> we have pretty much been down here since 6:00 p.m.. trying to see which stores will be open and what time they open and what kind of sales they're having. we've been ro
a dozen people to the hospital and there's still a search of where it came from. ktvu's alex savidge is in san francisco. you've been on the story since 4:30. investigators are having a hard time finding answers. >> reporter: it's certainly been a challenge to figure out what made this family sick last night. a pg&e spokeswoman told me this morning that they had one of their representatives here at their house until late in the evening last night, trying to fick out a cause for the leak -- figure out a cause for the leak. he tested the unit upstairs and downstairs. and he didn't get any carbon monoxide readings in either case. firefighters came out here about 7:00 last night on cortland street in the bernal heights neighborhood in san francisco. a total of 14 people had to be transported to the hospital after being exposed to the colorless, odorless gas. firefighters say those patients did have carbon monoxide in their blood stream. a pg&e representative here on scene responded and was not able to figure out where the gas was coming from. one neighbor told us this carbon monoxide sca
. alex savidge is live in pittsburg right now. they have a five-foot sinkhole causing a big mess out there. what's going on, alex? >> reporter: well, a worker on scene tells me there are a number of homes without water, all of them on this block. this is 11th street between york and cutter. you can see a lot of work going on here. these are works trying to repair this six-inch water line that burst overnight creating this huge sinkhole here in the middle of the roadway. overnight, water was rushing down the street for about an hour and a half. a neighbor told me it was about a foot deep. crews were able to finally shut the water off around 1:00 this morning. but the pressure from that broken pipe caused the pavement to crumble in this area. one woman who lives right near this break told me she could hear the pipe burst late last night. >> it was like a bang, bang, boom, boom kind of stand. my husband said did you hear that and the dog started barking. so we came outside. as soon as we came outside, you could see the water gushing from right where they are at. >> reporter: a worker ou
in the water. crews brought in a boat to pull the victim out. we want to go to alex savidge at the scene for more. >> reporter: this investigation being handled by the alameda county sheriff's office. i did just get off the phone with the spokesman, he told me he didn't have any information on the condition of the body. we will show you the scene here. we are on the back side of the creek side apartments here where there obviously is a creek and this where that body was found, the body of a man partially in the water, the edge of the creek, found ought about 30 this morning. we will give you a look from chopper 2, video we shot earlier this morning of what the scene looks like. again the sheriff's office out here investigating, homicide detectives are here. essentially trying to piece together exactly how this man's body ended up in the watered, what the circumstances are surrounding this man's body ending up here in the water here in fremont. again obviously an investigation underway here, multiple detectives here from fremont police and the sheriff's office, trying to figure out exactl
along. new at 6:00, alex savidge is live in palo alto to tell us how social media is becoming an important tool for police. >> reporter: facebook and twit consider help police departments communicate directly with the public. as we speak the palo alto police department are live tweeting. talking about every call, every crime and every arrest. as he heads out on his night shift palo alto police officer ron harris is ready for anything. >> really could be any number of things. >> reporter: whatever he encounters tonight you can hear about it. all you have to do is follow the department on twitter. lieutenant calls it a virtual ride along. >> our goal is to let the community know the realities of the life of a police officer in this town. >> reporter: the other purpose is to open a dialogue with the public, especially tech savvy young people. >> we're reaching demographics of our community. >> reporter: around the bay area police departments are starting to rely more own more on twitter and facebook both to alert the public to crimes and to help solve them. san mateo police have
for a violent criminal suspected of killing an innocent man and opening fire on police officers. alex savidge has new information this noontime. shows us the new sketch just released and the increase reward being offered. >> reporter: san jose police are searching for the man depicted in this newly-released sketch, wanted in connection with the violent crime wave across the city. investigators say he and his accomplice, jonathan wilbanks, shot it out with officers friday night. willbanks was arrested but his partner got away. >> we're very concerned which is why we're here enlisting the public's help in getting the suspect in custody, why we've been working around the clock. police have not been able to identify this man who may or may not be in san jose. this morning, the mayor announced his office is doubling the reward money in this case. there's now $20,000 being offered. >> we know that people know the suspects. we know that somebody has information. >> reporter: investigators say this pair were behind a string of crimes including four armed robberies. >> reporter: police say while these
last night. ktvu's alex savidge joins us live to explain what caused the victim to go out in the dark. >> reporter: good morning. this man's body was recovered. it's believed he drowned. firefighters say he went out in the rain last night trying to find his lost cat and he ended up falling off this sleep cliff behind his house and he landed in the water. this is a water-filled rock quarry right below his home here. this is next to the rockridge shopping center. the oakland fire department launched a search around 7:00 last night after the man's friend reported him missing. rescuers used a boat. one rescue worker rappelled down the cliff. just before 1:00 this morning, they found the man's body about 30 feet under water. one of the drivers involved in this recovery operation explain how they locate a body in dark, murky water like this. >> we use a circle search where we set an anchor at the bottom and a buoy at the top. we have drivers stationed on the bottom and another diver that circles that anchor searching for our target. >> reporter: so far, authorities are not releasing the ide
at glide memorial church in san francisco. as alex savidge tells us volunteers were up early to make sure those in need have a hot meal. >> how you doing brother? >> reporter: as the doors opened at glide this morning reverend cecil williams was there to greet people. inside volunteers passed out treys of turkey, stuffing and sweet potatoes and plan to serve 5000 of san francisco's neediest residents today. >> i am grateful for all the people that work here that donate. >> reporter: robert coronado is grateful for a warm thanksgiving meal and a smile. >> the people always smile and greet you nice. >> glide has been giving people a place to come on thanksgiving for 30 years. >> making sure that the homeless, the poor, the people who are destitute get their needs met. at least several days of the year. >> and today's meal would not be possible without the hard work of all these volunteers. roughly 500 people donateed their time today and many of them have been coming back here year after year. >> it has been since 1987, everyone counts. it doesn't matter who you are. let's serve. if we can
storm coverage let's go to santa cruz mountains where you find alex savidge. >> the rain has been steady all morning long and continues to come down right now and that is making for dangerous driving conditions here on highway 17. we are right near summit road right now and roadway flooding has been an issue out here. i want to show you video because the cal trans crews here have been busy. we watched them a short time ago move in and right near summit drive they had to block off a lane as the clears went in and cleared out a drain clogging and causing standing water that was a hazard for drivers there. it has definitely been a treacherous drive for folks coming over the pass here into the santa cruz area. a lot of people seem to be slowing down, but we did talk with one truck driver who says some drivers seem to be a bit too cautious. >> some are too paranoid and some are too aggressive. there is kind of both kinds. you got to watch out. >> meantime there are some power outages to report up here in the santa cruz mountains, the latest report we have from pg&e, the latest numbers we have
begins. ktvu alex savidge is at sfo right now. what is it like right now? >> reporter: well, dave, they expect today 140,000 passengers to arrive and depart here. the single busiest day of the thanksgiving travel season. things are already picking up out of here. people heading off to see families and friends. long security lines inside we saw that. and it's busy curb side already. between today and the sunday after thanksgiving 1.4 million could pass through sfo. between now and new years day sfo is expecting a 3% increase in passenger volume compared to last year. that means you will have some company if you fly. keep in mind to arrive an hour and a half early for those flights. in addition sfo recommends you take public transit or share rides to the airport. baring in mind that those parking lots will be filling up fast between now and thanksgiving. as we come back here live, i want to point out as well if you are planning to be one of the many people flying out of sfo today, the weather will be a factor for you. the wet weather and the rain and the low cloud ceiling already ca
goes on. >>> we're following developments in the grocery strike of rayly's and nob hill's. alex savidge is live with more to tell us what is going on. >> reporter: workers believe this has been an effective strike and that's why management decided to resume talks that will happen later on this morning. you can see a handful ofof this street. and then you can see some folks over there in front of the entrance to the store. everyone feeling hopeful about getting the deal done. management and the union representing 7500 grocery storkers. door negotiations resumed yesterday a week after workers walked off the job. these are rayly's nob hill and bel air. both sides have agreed not to discuss the ongoing negotiations. these renewed talks can bring in a new contract. that's what motivated management to get back to the bargaining table. i absolutely do. we have so much community support. people bring us food every day. there is a woman who picks up her sign -- pick up signs and have been supportive. >> reporter: i left a message a short time ago for the raley's supermarket spokesperson. the uni
but then the stronger system comes in on thursday with another one coming in late friday into saturday. alex savidge joins us. he's in san rafael. people are already taking this serious. the north bay is expected to be hit hard. you can expect a lot of people will be coming by this san rafael fire station. people will be filling up sandbags. flood be could really be a concern for a lot of homeowners. no one wants to be caught offguard. crews right now were preparing a couple of thousand sandbags so they can be ready to go as the heavy rains move in throughout the week. these are expected to be some of the most severe seasons of the season -- storms of the season so far. city crews have been checking the drains to make sure they are ready for the rain. the big concerns, the mudslide, downed power lines and trees. and they have extra help on stand by for these extra storms. >> we have contractors lined up. we are ready in case we have trees fallen. we have contractors ready in case we have land slides --landslide. landslides. >> reporter: this storm is sitting in a flood zone. as we come back out here
and fell to his death. ktvu alex savidge is near the person's home where the victim fell into a water filled quarry. alex. >> reporter: this was close to a 100-foot fall. firefighters say this man tumbled off a steep cliff that is right behind his house. we will show you where this took place. he fell off of this cliff and down into the water filled rock quarry. his body was recovered early this morning and believed he drowned. the man at the time was looking for his lost cat when he apparently lost his footing and all likelihood because of the rain last night. the man's friend reported him missing around 7:00 last night and the oakland fire department launched an all out search for him. rescuers had a boat in the water. and there was one repelling down the side of the cliff at one point. eventually the alameda county sheriffs dive team came in and began an under water search and just before 1:00 this morning divers did find the man's body at the bolt to -- bottom of this old quarry. the fire department says the wet weather last night seems to have played a role in this accident. >> i
hill badly damaged after it went up in flames. ktvu channel 2 reporter alex savidge joins us now from the area where it happened with more on why investigators are calling this fire suspicious. alex. >> reporter: this morning this is still a very active crime seen as arson investigator is out here trying to figure out who set fire to this beauty salon. you might be able to see the investigator inside still collecting evidence. the fire is is pushous mainly because -- suspicious because the arriving crews found what appears to be a molotov cocktail. the beer bottle had a rag stuffed in the top and sitting on the ground right outside the salon. investigator here tells me he is trying to figure out if a similar device was used to start the fire. the front window of the place was already broken when the first fire crews got here this was around 11:30 last night. the alarm sounded inside the magic touch salon which is in a strip mall. the fire was fairly small along a wall inside the building. it was put out quickly and then an investigation was launched. the contra costa fire investigator
it went up in flames. alex savidge joins us now from the strip mall where it all happened with more on what fire crews discovered that is making them call this fire suspicious. >> the arson investigator here on scene it appears someone intentionally set fire to this nail salon. the reason red flags were raised this morning is because of the molotov cocktail or what appeared to be a molotov cocktail found outside of this business when the first crews arrived here. criminal investigation has been launched. work is being done inside this business. the fire was also suspicious because the front window of the place was broken. when the first crews got here. started around 11:30 last night at the magic touch salon. the alarm sounded inside the place. it's in a strip mall on contra costa boulevard. the fire inside was fairly small. crews knocked it out quickly but firefighters noticed what appeared to be an insipid area device. a beer bottle with some kind of liquid inside. a contra costa county fire investigator has been here here throughout the morning processing this scene. he is trying
now. we're also watching the south bay. watching the santa cruz mountains ktvu alex savidge is up there right now. so what are you seeing and what does it feel like? >> reporter: i can tell you we've had pretty steady driving rain. at times it has been becoming in sideways here. we are at the summit in the santa cruz mountains. i want to give you a live look at highway 17. you can see traffic moving along at a pretty good clip. during our drive up the road, up the hill from san jose we could see a lot of standing water. it was starting to pool along highway 17. obviously that making for hazardous driving conditions this morning. luckily though from what i could tell a lot of drivers seem to be taking it pretty slow. obviously there is a lot of blind turns and sharp curves as you come up highway 17. folks seem to be aware of that and taking their time this morning which is a good thing. but of course as we move throughout the morning, they will be finding obviously more people on the roadway the potential for accidents here. we'll continue to monitor this situation here. no acciden
know the fate his tax hike plan. ktvu alex savidge is with the plan. >> reporter: the governor made the final push to the finish line trying to pass proposition 30 and now as he said this morning it's all up to the voters at this point to decide whether they want to pass the proposition a tax measure to fund education and you can see here voters casting their ballots here at the polling place just about an hour ago. the governor was here and he came to this polling station at oakland fire station number 6 we will show you what the scene looked like as the governor arrived and he said hi to poll workers and even petted a couple friendly dogs who are out here on election day and governor filled out the ballot casting a yes vote on proposition 30. the measure would hike income taxes for high income earners and increase the sales tax as well with that money going to k- 12 education and community college. if it fails, so-called trigger cuts take effect and public school stand to lose 6 billion dollars. after he casted the ballot to governor seemed confident prop 30 can get the support it
. you don't see that every day. alex savidge is live at a station in palo alto where that price was a reality. quite a few drivers decided to take advantage. some even filled up gas tanks. you know, i asked drivers if they feel bad for the station owners here? obviously, this was a mistake and obviously they lost a lot of money because of this pricing error. although, i have to el it you there's not a lot of sympathy out there. >> i've lost a lot of money. i've lost a lot of money filling up my gas tank. no, i don't feel bad. >> that's edwards from kentucky. he benefited from the sales prices. he put in $100. the grand prize last month, $10. i'm thinking this was a misplaced des him medical is -- desem medical is what happened -- decemil is what happened. >> something. >>> this is highway 4, it's been a mess, highway 680. highway 242. this -- this is because of an earlier crash. we talked about contra costa. we are talking about western contra costa county between pinole and richmond. we have. >>> let's go to steve. >> mild, cold for some. it's 59 along the embarcadero, south ea
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